“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live.”

Hans Christian Andersen, lifelong Lutheran and author

Welcome to Lutheran Journeys

“To travel is to live…”

The prolific author Hans Christian Andersen understood travel to be an essential part of a life well-lived. When we explore our Christian heritage in faraway lands, we come to a greater understanding and deepening of our faith.  As St. Augustine once said, “The world is like a book, and those who don’t travel will only read one page.”

Lutheran Journeys provides experiences that are true to our faith, and to Lutheran history and heritage. From our program consultants to our travel operators, our in-house flight specialists to our expert guides, the focus of every journey we plan is the spiritual experience of our travelers. Our attention to detail allows you — as the group leader — a chance to absorb your experiences while educating your group, never having to deal with the business end of your travel (hotel check-in/out, finding restaurants, booking visits, translating, or logistics).

 Whether you are looking for a Bible-based journey to Israel, Jordan, or Greece, a Lutheran heritage tour through Germany, a study on Celtic Christianity, a walk through the El Camino in Spain, or an opportunity for your youth group, we will walk with you. Through our Lutheran Specialist, you will find a vast knowledge base of both church and destination. We will work with you to build an itinerary that fits your vision for your community.

 As you explore this webpage for a sampling of our offerings, let us know if you have an idea or are seeking a destination other than what you find here.  We will work with you to develop exactly what you are looking for to enhance the faith journeys of your community.

About Our Team

Our team of program consultants includes a Lutheran Specialist that will guide you through your planning and traveling experience. We also maintain close relationships with many Lutheran churches across the country who have worked with us and will be great resources for establishing a culture of travel to complement your faith-formation ministry.

Lutheran Journeys to the Holy Land

Lutheran Journeys joins you in echoing the invitation, “Come and See,” to your community. From Bethlehem to Nazareth, from Capernaum to Jerusalem, you will walk in the footsteps of Jesus. With journeying at the heart of your community’s faith, visiting Israel will make your hearts beat with even more fervor and excitement

Lutheran Journeys to Germany

Through Lutheran Journeys, the great history of Germany and its churches comes alive. From the Augustinian Monastery at Erfurt to the infamous door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, your community will catch a glimpse into the very foundations of Lutheranism. You will experience Martin Luther’s rich legacy from his humble beginnings as a monk to his triumphant revelations as a reformer.

Celtic Christianity

Lutheran Journeys will guide you through the story of the Celtic Christians, which share close ties to many movements within the modern church. Your community will explore the dedication and deep spirituality of the early church leaders who brought about a shift in Christian understanding that persists even today. Taking in sites throughout Ireland, Scotland and Northern England, your community will experience the region’s historic glory as a center for learning and spirituality.

Lutheran Journeys to Greece and Turkey

Lutheran Journeys will guide you through Greece as your community studies the letters of the Apostle Paul. You will explore the actual sites of the earliest Christian Churches, which will open up new areas for growth and faith-formation. In visiting Corinth and Thessaloniki after walking the streets of Athens, a new perspective will be gained in your understanding of scripture.

Cathedral Residency

Each year, Lutheran Church choirs from across the United States spend a week or more serving as the “choir in residency” for cathedrals in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. There are options available for nearly all levels and sizes of choirs to participate in these life-changing and inspiring opportunities.

Lutheran Journeys, in collaboration with our sister company Music Celebrations International (MCI), has the experience and skill to arrange one of these Cathedral Residencies for your choir. Please visit our Choir Residency webpage for more information:

Other Destinations

At Lutheran Journeys, we know that there are many sites around the world that you feel called to visit. That’s why we have a large number of other itineraries, not shown on this webpage, which you may like to explore. And, as always, we are happy to customize current offerings or research and explore new destinations based on your interests.

“What a great trip! And Faith Journeys did a fantastic job meeting my expectations and working with me on the itinerary. For the most part, the Vatican, Florence, Augsburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, and Wittenberg were the high points for me and the group as a whole. Our specific tour guides were outstanding and they made the history of the places come alive. It was evident that they were really into their individual subject matters. All of our members agreed that they added to the spiritual aspect of our tour. I also had ample time to add spiritual dimensions to our tour which was very nice. Our accommodations were above expectations. Even our tour manager said that Faith Journeys had taken very good care of us. I felt connected before and during the trip. I would recommend Faith Journeys as a great company to work with.”

Pastor Michael Althauser

St. Jacob Lutheran Church

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